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Intarcia carefully maintains a work culture based on our core values of innovation, excellence, integrity, and teamwork. We are comprised of talented and entrepreneurial people who enjoy collaborating and achieving excellent results. We enjoy a 'speak-up' culture that respects new ideas and celebrates success. Our leaders are deeply experienced and extremely approachable executives who actively support our people and our business plan.

Best ideas win regardless of rank or title, and no idea is too disruptive to be heard or considered. Our Company is a meritocracy. We unilaterally embrace excellence, because we realize excellence doesn’t discriminate – and neither do we. We strive to maintain a demanding but supportive work environment made up of highly competent, nice human beings who earn their place on a winning team.

Our Company is committed to the following guiding principles:

  • We value and respect each employee in the Company inclusively, and treat one another as peers, protecting each person's right to have the best idea or the most valuable criticism.
  • We emphasize working hard, working together, and having fun as a sustainable formula for success.
  • We resist status quo thinking by encouraging a speak-up culture that welcomes diversity of opinion, including disruptive thinking and ideas that demand change but deliver worthy benefits, value or progress.
  • We insist on integrity and honesty in all our people and in all our business operations and relationships. We cultivate an authentic and forthright workplace environment. Ethical behavior is mandatory.
  • We keep patients at the center of our thinking, never forgetting our ultimate purpose of bringing progress to patients who urgently await it.

Available Positions

  • Director, Search and Evaluation
    This candidate will generate deal flow through the identification and initial business fit and scientific evaluation of potential strategic opportunities for Intarcia to in-source, including complementary assets and new technologies. More

    To apply, contact: careers@intarcia.com

    Director, Transactions
    The Director, Transactions is responsible for developing and executing transactions with diverse industry participants, including biotech companies, venture capital, non-profit organizations, governments, and academic institutions to access innovation and new product flow. More

    To apply, contact: careers@intarcia.com

    Drug Safety Officer
    This candidate will be responsible for managing and conducting ongoing safety surveillance on company products ensuring Intarcia practices orderly and proactive pharmacovigilance for its products. More

    To apply, contact: careers@intarcia.com

    Director of Human Resources
    The Director of Human Resources is responsible for implementing HR policies and programs, and managing all aspects of employee relations and development. The Director of HR will manage staffing & recruiting, organizational development, performance management, training, compensation & benefits administration. More

    To apply, contact: careers@intarcia.com

    Clinical Project Manager
    The Clinical Project Manager will manage one or more projects that may be regional or global in scope. The Clinical Project Manager will lead cross functional project teams to ensure quality deliverables that are on-time and within budget. More

    To apply, contact: careers@intarcia.com

    Clinical Data Manager
    The Clinical Data Manager will collaborate and coordinate with others to design and implement clinical protocols and data collection systems. The Clinical Data Manager will be responsible for the management of CRO Data cleaning activities, including independent Company data review. More

    To apply, contact: careers@intarcia.com





Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc. provides employees and their eligible dependents a comprehensive benefits program.


Fun at Work


Enjoying each other’s personality, skill and dedication makes work fun – a concept we believe in strongly. Our culture is built on caring, confidence and winning.

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”
– Joe Namath