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    Wall Street Journal Writes: Startup Intarcia Raises Another $225 Million

    The WSJ featured an article describing Intarcia’s novel ‘synthetic royalty deal’ with an “equity convert option at $5.5 billion” as the latest private financing for Intarcia as the developer of the ITCA 650 mini pumps. According to the article, the financing round reflects a conviction among investors that the therapy, which Intarcia expects will reach the market in early 2017, will prove to be a huge seller.

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    Both the Boston and San Francisco Business Journals Featured Intarcia's Kurt Graves Explaining the Company's Vision and Why It's the Most Exciting Thing He's Seen in 20 Years

    Caring how proposed medical products will feel to patients, and trying to help stop the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes were just two topics discussed by CEO Kurt Graves.

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  • Message from the CEO

    Partnership with Servier Fuels our Vision to be Disruptive & Transformational

    Our new ex-U.S. partnership with Servier is likely the largest of its kind in biotech history. Servier is a well-suited strategic match for us outside the United States and has a shared vision for disruptive innovation.

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  • Two of the FREEDOM Phase 3 clinical trials are now successfully completed: FREEDOM-1 and the FREEDOM-1 HBL studies both met all their clinical endpoints. There are two remaining studies in the overall program: FREEDOM-2 and the FREEDOM-CVO Safety Study.

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  • Chairman & CEO Kurt Graves Explains the Vision and Culture of Intarcia

    What immediately sets Intarcia apart from other companies is what’s most visible – our product candidate that is built on amazing technology and chemistry. But what most outsiders cannot see is even more amazing – our people and our culture. Our people have a will to win. They are not intimidated by the skeptics who doubt that a relatively small biotech can change the course of treatment in serious disease. They say, "Watch us!"

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